a Digital Brand

The increasing reliance on social media to showcase an organisation’s expertise or brand attributes puts pressure on businesses to ensure their online identities are in harmony with the rest of their marketing materials. NewsFlash Media is expert at helping you build, develop and enhance your digital footprint.
It’s not enough to be an expert – in today’s digital world you need to know how to profile yourself as one.


Learn how to harness social media in the digital age. Gain a solid understanding of what makes great social media content and gain hands-on experience in delivering your video message to camera. During the course, participants see how the world’s best and biggest brands manage their digital brand, why it’s critical to their organisation’s success. NewsFlash Media will also teach to leverage that knowledge to build and develop your own digital presence.
We offer practical experience in presenting confidently to camera after giving guidance on structuring your key messages to reflect your own personality and brand.



  • Master the importance of creating an interesting digital footprint;
  • Learn what makes a powerful brand;
  • Understand the steps and digital channels required for establishing a digital profile;
  • Create your own powerful video to populate your site.