• When the cameras roll, don’t switch off your humanity

    Written by Lahra Carey
    At the beginning of the year, I read an article by a global PR influencer, who predicted authenticity would be a key trend for 2016.

  • What is wrong with this (graduation) picture?

    Written by Lahra Carey
    I recently attended my graduation ceremony after completing the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ onerous Company Director’s Course.

  • Sex, Smokes and Audio Tape… Tales From An ‘80’s Newsroom!

    Written by Lahra Carey
    I recently reunited with the journalists I began my career with at ABC radio news several decades ago.

  • Big business and the citizen reporter

    Written by Lahra Carey
    In the reactive media space, the corporate affairs departments of major companies – particularly those that offer goods or services – are increasingly finding out about what’s happening in the field from social media reports which can often make it into the mainstream media news cycle before the company’s internal PR department has time to shut it down.

  • Don’t make a drama out of being interviewed

    Written by Lahra Carey
    Let me ask you something – when you are nervous, and you act like you are relaxed, do you think anyone can tell the difference? If the answer is ‘no’, then you should go and get a Hollywood agent, because you should probably be in show business.

  • You can’t be a ‘thought leader’ without a P.O.V.

    Written by Lahra Carey
    Thought leader… it’s the latest buzzword in professional services and the lofty goal expressed by many Marketing Managers… funny thing is… the businesses we work with generally already have a reputation for being the biggest or the best in their field and yet their management team are often completely unprepared for leveraging that success and position to actually do ‘thought leadership’.

  • Lost opportunity for Live TV?

    Written by Steve Carey
    Over the past couple of weeks there’s been plenty of commentary from all sides about the recent incident on ABC’s flagship conversation program Question and Answer, in which ‘radical’ students hijacked the broadcast by chanting slogans and unfurling a banner.

  • I am woman, hear me squeak

    Written by Lahra Carey
    Recently, NewsFlash Media conducted a number of group presentation training sessions across one organisation.