Media Training

NewsFlash Media training ensures you will make every interview count. In an ever-changing media landscape the ability to engage confidently with journalists, to deliver your organisation’s key messages powerfully, and across a range of media platforms, is critical to success.
Deliver your message the first time and make every interview count.


NewsFlash Media’s hands-on training ensures you will have the confidence to engage with all media organisations to deliver your key messages in a manner that is effective and easy to understand.

Participants will undertake a series of simulated interviews (press, radio, TV and social media) conducted by experienced media professionals. Each interview is then recorded and reviewed to enhance your overall performance. You will learn powerful and effective ways to improve your media performance including how to hone your messages as well as the correct use of breathing, stance and eye contact.

To work effectively with the media, it is important to understand the priorities and challenges faced by journalists themselves. NewsFlash Media provides the training to understand how journalists work, how they want key information delivered and expert advice on how you can become great media talent during any interview.

All training is conducted after extensive research on your organization and with a clear understanding of your desired outcomes.



  • Understand the role of the reporter, and deal more effectively with print, radio, television and social media interviews;
  • Grasp how the media works and what journalists are looking for;
  • Control media interviews by imparting specifically designed and rehearsed messages;
  • Handle impromptu “doorstops” as well as studio interviews and press conferences;
  • Ensure all interviews are conducted on your terms regardless of a particular media agency’s agenda;
  • Ensure that your organisation is presented and positioned at all times as a valuable media resource, and;
  • Maximise opportunities for your organisation’s messages to be promoted;
  • All Interviews are videoed for playback and review.