Presentation Training

NewsFlash Media's highly credentialed team of journalists created a bespoke media training program for the BCG partnership group. With more than 75% of the partners now having completed the training, the feedback has been very positive and we are already starting to see the impact with individual partners more skilled and active in engaging with the media.
If presentation is everything, then everyone needs presentation training.


For some people, presenting at a business function, major public event or even a social function comes naturally. For others it can be one of life’s worst experiences.
Enrolling in a Presentation Training session at NewsFlash Media pays dividends.

Having successfully trained CEOs, Board members, senior executives and sporting professionals, we’re experts in the field.

The consequences for getting it wrong can be significant: a drop in share price, jeopardised career progression or failure to get your key message across. We teach you how to engage with confidence, how to use technology to enhance your presentation and the simple ways to make your audience sit up and pay attention.



  • Learn what makes a good presenter;
  • Differentiate the ways people learn and absorb information;
  • Understand the use of visual aids in an attention-grabbing and relevant manner.