Proactive Publicity

A major challenge for businesses and government departments alike is to know which products or initiatives will attract positive media interest. NewsFlash Media has decades of experience identifying the stories that exist within your organization with the potential to attract positive publicity.
Sometimes it takes an outsider to recognize what makes a story, in what medium it will work best and how to get that story media-ready.


The increasingly fragmented media market, combined with the high cost of advertising means proactively attracting editorial attention is a key skill set for any organization.

NewsFlash Media helps organisations establish which products or initiatives are likely to be of media interest. We work alongside the communication’s team with both private companies and Government departments conducting fast and efficient media reviews to identify key media opportunities and develop them for media readiness.

With the story identified, NewsFlash Media provides media training and advice to guide you and your team through the entire process.



  • Identify which news stories are worth pursuing;
  • Ensure internal and stakeholder politics are taken into account;
  • Advise how to maximise product/information/story potential;
  • Offer creative suggestions on targeting media outlets;
  • Assist with concept development;
  • Improve media exposure opportunities;
  • Conduct media training to pressure test the story and key messages.